Point & Click your way through puzzles and ridiculous plot twists deep down in a Soviet bunker. Bunker - The Underground Game is probably the most realistic hipster Simulator of 2015, get it now on Steam!


  • Use your wits to solve anything from logical to demented puzzles
  • Witness as the mysterious Soviet story line unravels
  • Finally experience your darkest desire and be a hipster
  • Point and click at stuff and see as the shit gets done
  • Summon an intergalactic death hippo from outer space
  • Listen to awesome soundtrack... and start a nuclear war
  • Discover 33 super secret achievements, if you can...
  • Three different endings ;)


"Gameplay is a great balance of serious story and completely idiotic theory." -Indie Game!

"This is one of the funniest point & click games you'll ever come across. Great story and soundtrack make it a really great game that you should consider" -BirdCute

"Puzzles in this game are genius. They are just right amount stupid but same amount clever." -ArkonOridan

"Bunker - The Underground Game is undoubtedly a passion project that Tony has poured his very soul into--and it shows. It is, unquestionably, one of the funniest games I ever have had the pleasure of playing." -Swamp Ascension Corporation

“Humor filled adventure in spirit of Soviet Union offers a well flowing time travel into era of cold war.” 85 – Pelit

“Über Bunker lässt sich nicht viel sagen – schließlich ist das Point and Click Genre so simpel, wie es genial ist.” 80 – Ggamecontrast

“This is a genre that often gets an emphasis put on comedy, but it’s done right here.” -Media Detour

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Listen to Soundtrack

Lets Play (spoiler warning)

Please notice that bugs mentioned in the first video have been since patched.